Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back on Track

Surprisingly, yesterday's corn binge for dinner actually didn't do any harm. My weight was down a bit from the day before, and I'm slowing starting to sink back to the weight I was last Friday, before my Labor Day Diet Holiday.

John wanted me to come clean and admit to the number of ears I consumed, but the truth is, I lost count. I'm thinking it was at least six ears of corn, maybe more. It was disgusting. In my defense, the ears were on the small side, since our corn didn't pollinate very well and there were plenty of blank areas on each cob where the kernels didn't grow.

But it was a lot of corn.

In retrospect, I think the corn wasn't as damaging as I thought. I just checked, and realized that an ear of corn with no butter or salt is only 63 calories. Assuming that I did stop at six ears, that's only 378 calories, which is about what I would have eaten for dinner on a normal day, anyway. Even if I was completely gross and had ten ears (which I know is more than I possibly could have eaten) that would have been only 630 calories, which isn't all that terrible considering I didn't eat all that much else during the day.

I suspect tonight I'll be having another corn fest as our small field of corn is all ready, and has to be eaten. The good(?) news is that we won't have as much edible corn as we'd originally thought. Our plot was too small, and about 25% of the ears didn't germinate at all. Next year, we'll have to plant more.


There really isn't much to blog about in diet land at the moment. I'm doing my best not to eat, and waiting to see the results on the scale.

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Lady T said...

lol! you know things are crazy when a corn fest feels liek an indulgence!


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