Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Eight Random Things About Me

So it seems that Lady T. has tagged me with the Eight Random Things About Me meme, so now I'm stuck having to answer.

This is a stretch here, so forgive me for being boring:
  1. Last summer, I was bitten by the "car bug." I've owned a variety of cars over the years, but always looked at them as a tool to be taken care of, but basically used up and thrown away after a number of years. I looked at people who bought rims, bras and fancy stereos as essentially a weird flavor of nut bar. But, last summer I bought a new car that has a bit of a following, and people have created car clubs that revolve around the modifying, driving and showing of these cars. Suddenly I understand why someone might need rims, a car bra, a fancy sub-woofer so they can bump their music, an under body lighting kit or a set of vertical doors. (And yes, my car has a bra, under body lighting kit, fancy vinyl graphics, and an under-dash LED lighting kit. I'm still working on rims, and stereo upgrades.)

  2. I'm fluent in American Sign Language.

  3. I love sushi. If it's fish and it's raw, I'll eat it. I'll pass on the squiggly stuff like raw crab and shrimp, though.

  4. I used to hate rap and hip-hop. Then I bought my car, and everyone was playing it at car shows. I've learned to actually like it. I still hate country music, though.

  5. I write with a fountain pen because it's cool.

  6. I give a free concert (I play guitar and sing) at the local convalescent care center once a month.

  7. I have a houseful of parrots.

  8. In my younger days, I used to go camping roughly once a month with a group of guys whose main objective was to get as drunk as possible for the weekend. We'd pretend we were pirates, drink beer, and give our motor homes and travel trailers piratey-sounding names. We even had a pirate flag that measured 3' x 5' that we'd fly off the top of a flagpole constructed out of recycled tent poles.
Since Lady T. pretty much tagged all the bloggers I normally would have tagged, I'll leave it up to you to tag yourself. If you decide to participate in this meme, just leave a comment so I can stop by your blog and check it out.


Lady T said...

awwwwe....thanks for participating.

parrots? huh...woulda never guessed that.

now in retrospect, i'm wishing i hadnt did mine at nite...then maybe i would have come up with some pretty original stuff to say. vs the "i'm tired, want to get this over with" list i came up with.

this durn thing has spread like the flu....hopefully, it has run its course. lol

Shannon said...