Monday, May 13, 2013

Spending Money Like Water

This morning, I found a set of keys that I didn't recognize under a pile of papers on the coffee table.  I took a photograph of them, texted it to The Ex and asked about them.  I was told they were keys to a bike lock.

A few texts back and forth and I learned that The Ex just spent $500 to buy a mountain bike.

This is The Ex who will be moving around the end of July.  This is The Ex who still hasn't received a full paycheck from the new job.  This is also The Ex who has run up over $6,000 on one secret credit card I didn't know about, and at least $1,000 on another.

This defies logic.

The rationale behind the bike was that The Ex plans to commute to and from work after the move.

But again, that won't happen until late July.

Wouldn't it have made sense to wait to buy a brand-new bicycle until after the move?

Just sayin'.

Seems like The Ex is spending money like water.  I just hope that I don't end up having to pay for some or all of this debt.

Unfortunately, I live in a community property state.

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