Sunday, October 21, 2012

Feeling Pressure to Lose Weight

For the first time in my life, I feel real pressure to lose weight.

Now sure, I've felt pressure at times when my mother nagged me about my weight when I was a teen, or when I went to my doctor and was given a lecture.  For the most part, though, the pressure only lasted as long as the lecture.  Once it was over, I didn't worry about it so much.  Sure, at any given point in my life I might or I might not have been on a diet, but I didn't feel all that pressured by it.

Now, I feel pressured.

In roughly 18 months (perhaps less, given the way things are going with the STBX right now) I will be back in the dating game.

I need to do something about my weight, because most people want to date those that are HWP (height-weight proportionate) or slim.  I'm neither of those two things.

As my relationship with the STBX has unraveled.  I've given a lot of thought about what I'm going to look for next.  Though I haven't contacted anyone, I've been trolling the personal ads just to see what's out there.  It seems like all the ads for people that sound interesting are also those who insist on skinny women.

I've been really making a concentrated effort to eat less.  I hope I start seeing some better results soon.

Of course my biggest frustration is this: despite having lost as much weight as I have, I still haven't shrunk out of my clothes.  The pants that were once tight are now very loose, but I'm still not small enough to fit into the next smaller size that I've found in my closet.

I'm trying not to have to buy more clothing.  I'm trying to make do with what I have.  Then I'll buy more when I'm finally at my goal weight.

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