Friday, April 27, 2007

Weekly Weigh-In #1

Although I haven't been working at this for a full week, I've decided that I will weigh-in and record my measurements every Friday. Not surprisingly, I'm very out of shape. I have a scale that uses electrical impedance to estimate body fat and a whole other array of measurements, so I'll include them here:

Weight 254.2 lbs
Body Fat 49.8%
Body H20 35.6%
Bone Mass 8.1 lbs
Muscle Mass 49.1 lbs
Ideal Weight 172.4 lbs*

* I believe that the weight calculation being used here is the People's Choice Idea Weight formula and not the Metropolitan Life height and weight tables. According to the Met Life tables, I should weigh somewhere between 111-124 lbs. Based on BMI, a healthy weight range for me would be between 104-137 lbs.

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