Saturday, April 28, 2007

To Tell or Not to Tell

The other day, my partner (who is also trying to lose weight) and I had a conversation about whether or not we should tell people we are dieting. I've expressed the opinion that I would rather not tell people we are working on a weight loss program. My reasoning is that, if I start telling people, then every time I eat I'll be under an additional layer of scrutiny.

Dieting, unfortunately, requires a certain level of obsession about food and exercise. It doesn't matter what program you are on, you have to track something, whether it be calories, exchanges, portion sizes, or points. Did you get your exercise in for the day? Did you drink enough water? Telling friends, family and co-workers means that every time you sit down to eat something, you'll inevitably have someone asking you, "should you be eating that?"

Ugh. It's bad enough that I have to track what I'm eating. I don't need everyone else nagging and giving advice. I'd rather everyone be oblivious until they start noticing I'm losing weight. I'd much rather someone say, "Wow, you look great, have you been dieting?" than have to listen to constant nagging about the food choices I make. The goal is, of course, to make healthier choices overall. I just don't want someone pestering me every time I've decided to have a bowl of ice cream or a slice of pie.

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