Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Very Little Progress

This morning, when I stepped on my Wii balance board, I was told that today was my 41st day using the system. We got the unit in December, but I wasn't too consistent about using it until this year. I've consistently weighed in and exercised every single day since the first of the year.

On some days, I've exercised as little as 30 minutes. Most days, I'm doing more than an hour and a half. On some days, I've exercised as much as three hours, including time spent playing Wii Fit Plus and various flavors of Dance, Dance Revolution.

And how much weight have I lost since the first of the year?

A whopping three pounds.

It hardly seems worth it. Lots of sweating, turning down foods I want to eat, and trying to do the right thing for very little results.

At this rate, it will be close to three years before I get all the weight off.

I was doing Cambridge for a few days, but I got too tired and I went back to eating. I'd lost about six or seven pounds, and turned around and gained it all back within two days. Worse, I wasn't stuffing my face full of crap. I was trying to make good food choices and to exercise even more, but it just didn't seem to matter.

So now I'm trying something different: alternate day fasting.

The idea is that you consume less than 500 calories on your fast days, and try to eat normally on the days that you are not.

We'll see if this goes any better. I am just getting so completely frustrated.

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