Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crazy Days

Well I haven't posted up in a few days because things have been crazy. A work crew has been digging up the back alley behind our house because of a plumbing problem. Yesterday, I had to take one of our pets on an emergency run to an exotic pet veterinarian almost an hour away.

Nothing that gets your adrenaline pumping like driving like a maniac to get a seriously sick pet to a vet in an emergency situation.

Yesterday, because of the veterinary emergency, I missed lunch. As a result, I had extra calories available and had two slices of pizza for dinner, and some popcorn afterwards.

The news on the scale was good, though. I'm just .2 lbs higher than my lowest recent weight, so it's all good.

Of course it will be all bad on Monday, because we are going camping with friends this weekend, and it is their daughter's birthday.

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