Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Look Great in 2008 (Week 8)

Well the family trauma has died down a little bit, and I've actually been able to eat. I've noticed, that whenever I go through a period of not eating, my weight will spike a little bit, as it did this week. I'm up exactly 1 lb from last week, weighing in at 231.2.

Not bad.

The family crisis is still brewing, but it has eased a little. The problem is behaving much like a pot boiling over on the stove. When the heat gets turned down a little, the pot goes back to a rolling boil. In this case, the rolling boil involves social workers, therapists, special education services and a slew of other interventions. It's not pretty, and I don't expect things to be resolved for quite some time.

The big lesson learned here: don't ask for help when your kid is struggling. The people who claim to work in the system to help kids and look out for what is in their best interest are really just serving a political agenda that involves, money, power and the transfer of assets from one group of people to another.

I do want to thank everyone for the outpouring of kind comments and support last week. It's meant a lot that people I don't even know are willing to think of us and to pray for us. Everyone's continued support and kind thoughts are definitely needed, as the issues we are facing are deep and wide and could still very well come to an unpleasant and ugly ending.

We are hoping and praying for a miracle.


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Brush yourself off and start anew today. Hoping for better results for you next week. Your progess thus far is an encouragement to me.

ValleyGirl said...

I will hope and pray right along with you. I hope you have a good day!

Donetta said...

They do still happen :D