Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Long Time No See

So I realized, recently, that I haven't touched this blog in well over a year. I'd pretty much forgotten about it, because I was so busy dealing with other things. The other things mostly consisting of things like:
  • The Kid, who has been downright awful. (Think out-of-control teen on steroids)
  • The Job, which went thermo-nuclear busy last January and continued like that for most of the year.
  • The Wife, who I finally got to take a solo vacation with between the Christmas and New Year's holidays.
The Diet kind of took a back seat for a while, especially since I've been fooling around for close to two years with my thyroid medications. I think I'm finally in a halfway decent spot with that, and I feel mostly human.

I didn't finish Bridge to 10K that I was writing about back at the end of 2010. Shortly after I wrote that post, I got a horrible cold, which kept me away from running for a number of weeks, and then I started with a new thyroid medication that wasn't working out very well for me until we got the dosage right. I finally did get back to the Couch to 5K and Bridge to 10K programs this year, and finished them exactly a month ago.

I can can now run four and a half miles in a single stretch, though I'm still terribly slow. Since I finished B210K, I've been running three to four days a week at distances between three and four and a half miles. Yesterday, I ran a measly two and three-quarters miles, because I took The Kid with me and she pooped out early.

As for my weight, it's been up and down. I'm about 19 pounds heavier than I was at my low in 2010, but the weight is finally trending downward again now that I'm back to running. I'll update those statistics in my sidebar later. I'm a little discouraged that I got so close to just being overweight back in 2010, but just never quite made it.

Maybe this year will be better, though to be honest, I've really stopped trying to lose weight. At this point, I'm just doing my runs three or four days a week, and we'll see where that goes. Just the fact that I can do it at all is a good thing.

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