Monday, December 13, 2010

So Bad Me, But Good Me

So this has been kind of a good news/bad news kind of post.

The bad news is that I've been busy and I haven't been posting much on my blog. I just looked this morning and realized that it's been nearly an entire month since I've written anything. Seriously, bad me.

In my defense, I spent more than a week caring for a relative who had surgery, so it hasn't been as though I've been twiddling my thumbs and doing absolutely nothing.

On the plus side, my weight is down a few pounds from where it was a month ago. This morning's weight, after running and going to the bathroom, was 220.4. That's down four pounds since last month.

Now most people would be pretty damn unhappy with losing only four measly pounds in a month. Normally, I would be too, except for one thing: my goal for the holiday season was simply to maintain my weight.

Now I know the holiday season for most people starts with Thanksgiving, but that's not how it works in this house. The holiday season starts around the middle of October. The Kid and The Wife both have birthdays, which of course are accompanied by dinners out (The Kid always wants to go out for Mexican food, which is the worst possible thing I could eat) followed by tons of birthday cake. Next comes Halloween, and the gluttonous amounts of candy that get brought in by The Kid, even when we don't buy candy to pass out, like we did this year in deference to my diet.

My birthday comes in November, and then we have Thanksgiving. Both tend to be gluttonous feeding frenzies, and then comes December with Hanukkah and Christmas. The entire month of December seems to be one giant excuse to eat nothing but crap, so the fact that I've lost a little bit of weight with all this terrible temptation everywhere pleases me to no end.

The other exciting bit is that I am now just two pounds from being obese. Now I know most people don't see obesity as something to celebrate, but if you are on the downward trend from morbid obesity, becoming obese is an accomplishment.

I'm happy about my weight loss, too, because my doctor has changed my script for thyroid medication twice, and each time it's changed I feel like I'm thrown for a loop. Every time the dose has been increased, I've felt better, but now my labs say I'm taking too much medication, so they are dropping my dosages. With each drop, I've felt more and more out of gas, so I'm not sure things are trending exactly in the right direction.


I'm still working my way through the Bridge to 10K program, and this week is my 17th week of running. This week's run consists of three 15-minute runs, separated by a minute of walking. I have to say that this morning's run seemed a lot harder than last week's workout of four 10-minute runs.

I did make it his morning, so I'm happy about that.

So even though I've been naughty about blogging, I've been good with weight loss, so I guess that's all good. The fact that I've lost four pounds during a period when my goal was simply to maintain makes me pretty darn happy all the way around.

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Anonymous said...

First, hope your not dead. Second, how about an update?