Saturday, October 3, 2009

Time Goes by So Slowly

Since Monday, I've been doing a modified form of Cambridge. I've been having 2-3 shakes per day and doing my best to have a very small dinner. It seems to be working, and weight is starting to come off.

The bummer is that it seems like time is going by so slowly. I'm hungry in the morning, I have my shake, I'm hungry until lunch, and then I'm hungry again until dinner time. After dinner, I'm sill hungry. I keep trying to remind myself that hunger is my friend, but it doesn't make the day go by any more quickly.

Perhaps it would be easier if I really loved my job, and I were able to get super distracted by my work. Unfortunately that doesn't help and the day just drags on and on.

I keep reminding myself that I need to focus on today, not all the tomorrows that follow. If I think about all of those tomorrows, the idea of losing weight seems enormous.

I keep reminding myself that I am just choosing for today not to eat.

And time just marches on, so slowly.

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