Monday, September 14, 2009

Ah, Meh!


I'm trying to get motivated and get back on the diet, but I'm having a really hard time. This weekend, The Neighbors held a birthday party, and we attended. There was Mexican food, cake, and plenty of alcohol for the adults.

I consumed more than my fair share of jello shots, though I don't feel particularly guilty about it, especially since it was my jello and my liquor that made them.

I had quite a few, but I didn't have as many as I could have. I never got particularly drunk (unlike some of the other party-goers) and didn't have a hangover in the morning.

Today, at least for breakfast and lunch, I was back to the Cambridge shakes. The Wife made my lunch seem especially unpleasant because she brought her meal (an Asian noodle bowl of some sort) into our office. She sat at her desk, slurping and smacking her noodles, while I stared at my already-empty shake cup.

And man I don't care what anybody says, those Cambridge shakes are not good. The strawberry ones are downright bad, while the vanilla and chocolate are tolerable.

I know I should go back on sole source. I know I should lose this weight because it's good for me. I'm just having a really hard time caring right now.

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