Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Blogging from my Cell Phone

I have to say that blogging from my cell phone is not exactly my first choice. Sadly, A Very Bad Thing happened to my computer and it is down while we try to run a dta recovery tool.

Note to Mac users: If you send a PC user a .zip file with folders included, make sure your folder names don't have characters (such as colons) that are illegal in the Windows file structure. Bad Things will happen to your hapless victim and they will be very unhappy with you.

Such is the story of my life...

Although I have received a few very nice congratulatory messages about my upcoming wedding, I have to admit I am not feeling particularly excited. Perhaps it is because The SO and I have been together for 10 years, so it just doesn't seem so thrilling. Perhaps it's because of my family's lackluster response. My sister has already said she can't make it, and my father, mother and stepmother are being very non-commital. I am not sure they will even show up...

Right now, the wedding seems mor like a threat than anything else. "Lose weight, or else!"

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Mrs. ButterCream said...

Hey girl...just came across your blog! Love it! My friend and I just started our own to keep each other encouraged in our struggles with loosing weight.

Let me just say about this post that your wedding is something for you and your honey. Forget about everyone else. Even if you two are the only ones there (which I hope is not the case as you will need a minister type person to marry you)this is you and your honey's time. Don't let your "lackluster" family memebers spoil it for you!

I'll be checking back with you! I'm excited to have come across your blog!