Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Family Visit

At the moment, I am trying to post from my mobile phone. I have family visiting from out of town this week, which of course only means on thing -- FOOD.

Since The Kid, The SO and I live in a rather tiny and worn-looking house, all the visits have been held at my parents' house. Although the visits have been nice, the temptation to over-indulge has been hard to resist.

On the plus side, the relative who has been tasked with the bulk of the kitchen duties isn't a very good cook. Much of what has been on the menu are foods I simply won't eat (like pork) or dishes I love but won't eat when this particular relative prepares them (like over-cooked broccoli) so it has been easier to push away from the table.

What has really jumped out at me, aside from all the food trying to hurl itself into my mouth, is just how much more energy other family members seem to have. My sibling did a bunch of yardwork for my parents, and I was just amazed. I was exhausted just from watching.

I guess my get up and go has gone up and went.

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